Published Stories and Essays

Adelaide magazine January 2020: Jellybean

Aji Magazine November 2019: Chew

Borrowed Solace Issue 3 2018 The Storm

Entropy Magazine January 2017: Empty Spaces

Entropy Magazine September 2016: The Pitch

Punchnels September 2016: My Favorite Dead Rockstar

The Artist Unleashed 2016: The Thirty-Seven Thousand Dollar Oven in the Road

Sandhill Review 2016: Makena Beach

Nominated for a Pushcart 2016

Sleet Magazine Spring/Summer 2016: The Business Trip

Nominated for Sundress Best of the Net Anthology 2016

South85 December 2015: Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans

Skirt! November 2015: Art of the Artichoke

Expound Magazine July 2015: Conquering Scallops

Airplane Reading: Returning to the Water

Hippocampus Magazine 2012: Stuffing the Bird

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